The Maschinenfabrik Raschau GmbH is national und international the animating spirit in deployment, manufacturing and maintenance of cylinder mould. Owing to our high qualified and high motivated staff we expanded our assortment.

"Maschinenfabrik Raschau GmbH" can draw on more than 100 years in plant engineering. As successor of the old-established "F.H. Riedel Maschinenfabrik Raschau seit 1877" our skilled tradition in cylinder mould manufacture goes with a trend-setting technology to tailor-made solutions meeting the requirements of our customers.

Await from us a combination of technical, long experience, modern technology and premium service.

It would give us great pleasure if we could come into contact.


Cylinder moulds for every application

Our product range includes cylinder moulds for a variety of applications. Depending on applications, strain and velocity of circulation we supply in different construction forms the apposite construction forms to you.

Cylinders of supported construction are suitable for speeds up to 60 m/min and loadings up to 8 m/min. For requirements of up to 160 m/min the disc constructions with loadings up to 15 m/min are used, and for loadings up to 10 m/min we recommend applying our self-supported construction.

Material and workmanship of high quality for longevity

All kinds of cylinders are made of high-grade non-ferrous metal and stainless steel. The edgewise profiled bars of all constructions are radially resp. inclined arranged.

As clothings, bottom and top wires of discontinuous or diagonally tensioned design are used. The for that applied material is phosphoric bronze or stainless steel. As discontinuous design or shrink wire, top wires of polyester are applied. Instead of the bottom wire we are able to provide cylinders with spirally wound wire.

For all kinds of cylinders manufactured by our company, we are ready to vouch for an absolute true-run.


A strong partnership for success

Apart from high-quality products our company offers you qualified services and maintenance and installation around the industrial production of paper and cellulose.

Longstanding experience, our know-how, quality and the diversity of services offered will convince a international customer base. Starting from europe we will be free to counting prosperously businesses at our content customers.


Individuality is our standard

The know-how of our company as an longstanding partner of the papermanufacture educates the base for flexibility, individuality and professional solutions.

Our expertise is plant manufacturing at the department in industrial cellulose- and paper manufacturing. Hereunto belonged to both adjustment, adaptation by construction, and the development of new solutions to the optimalization, attendance and overhaul assorted assemblies.

From cylinder mold shaper above carton- and cardboardmachines right up to thickener and clothcaptor we offer individualresolutions at your problem. By close collaboration between construction and manufacturing we designed best solution for your requirements. In the course of this our productions are continually customized like the wishes ours orderer.


Competently partner for service and maintenance

Comprehensive services replenish our assortment. Our experience allowed us to offerable you varied services for your processstring a one-stop shop.

Maintenance and reparation

A matter of course for our company is, to be performed reparation and maintenance ain cylinder molds. This maintenancebid includes also cylinders seperate fabricator. Our technicians implement filter covering in our company or on site.

Plant Maintenance

By our broad know-how and system comprehension for the process chain of cellulose- and paperindustrie we can offer you reparation and maintenance for this constructions. This offer refers to assemblies and individual parts within sector of industries of cellulose, paper, carton and cardboard packaging.

Montage accomplishment

Within this sector of industries accruing montage- and disassemblyworks are including by our broad service bundle.

Service for other manufacturers

Our other offerings will rounded by an repairservice for SULZER-Prozesspumpen (also brands by ALSTROM-Pumps), as soon as the ERHARDT+LEIMER GmbH who builds felt- and colander flow, as the case may be felt- and colander excitement.


From tradition will innovation

"Maschinenfabrik Raschau GmbH" can draw on more than 100 years in plant engineering. As successor of the old-established "F.H. Riedel Maschinenfabrik Raschau seit 1877" our skilled tradition in cylinder mould manufacture goes with a trend-setting technology to tailor-made solutions meeting the requirements of our customers.


1877 - Launch of "F.H. Riedel Maschinenfabrik Raschau"
1920 - Beginning of building of cylinder mould
1972 - Renaming in "VEB Rundsiebzylinderbau Raschau"
1975 - Renaming in "VEB Papiermaschinenwerke Freiberg / Werk Rundsiebzylinderbau Raschau"
1991 - Launch of "Maschinenfabrik Raschau GmbH"


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